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Flair Rewards
  • Top Watch This!
    Earned each month by the top WatchThis! recommendation post! See our wiki on that here!
  • Fan Art Winner
    Awarded to the winner of each Fanart competition (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • AMQ
    Awarded to those that participated in the 1 million subscriber AMQ event.
  • Star
    The star flair was given as a reward in the 1 mill and 2 mill quiz events.
What are flairs?

Flairs are a way to customize your appearance on Reddit everytime you post. They are subreddit specific and show up next to your username when you comment or make a new thread on that subreddit.

Can I use anything as my flair?

No. You can have 1 flair for your main anime tracking service, like MyAnimeList or Anilist. This way, everyone will be able to see what you’re watching and perhaps recommend things you would enjoy. We also allow you to select up to 2 award flairs, we hand these out during events we host throughout the year or to helpers who keep the sub running smoothly.

Can I suggest new flairs?

Sure! But we’d appreciate it if they were tied to some sort of role in the sub, or an activity/event we could host for everyone. For example. we could host a “Writing Contest” and the winners get a special flair image, like a medal to display their accomplishments. You can send us message us here.

How do I add a flair?

You can click here or head on over to the Set Flair page. After that, just select any flairs you have available to you that you wish to display. Don’t forget to set your account name for anime tracking services, otherwise you won’t be able to select a flair of that type. When you’re done, just click the “Submit” button.